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Recoltant Manipulant…or Farmer Fizz

The Champagne barometer of fun and bubbles has seen COVID19 wash away the flagging 2019 sales of Champagne in Australia, to experience a fizzy buoyancy of consumption. Statistically it all started to turn around on Mother’s Day 2020, a… Read More


clean living purest alchohol

Increasingly restaurant wine lists are showing more inclusions of natural wines with their minimal and non-intervention philosophy. Within these include organic and biodynamic wines and the subsets of low sulphur wines and the rise and rise of orange/amber wines… Read More

Dietary Kill Joys

healthiness of wine drinking

Ordinarily I’m pretty OK with the National Heart Foundation of Australia (NHFA). Sure the dietary, whining, do-gooders got in a knot when the NHFA gave McDonalds a tick for SOME of its menu items. But that spleen should… Read More