Kraft Cadbury bid all of a Twitter

In the same vein that there’s a joke circulating within minutes of the occurrence of a major event, Twitter will signal the demeanour of the population in half that time, certainly in the food-fancying Twitterverse.

Last time I looked, the Kraft takeover bid for Cadbury had been declared “derisory” by the purple wrapped British company and that America’s Hershey was the preferred suitor – perhaps even with the aid of Italy’s Ferrero Rocher. But no…a Tweet pops up with: “Uh -oh – Following Kraft takeover, Cadbury’s Dairy Milk to be renamed iChoc 2:0”. Instant and pointed comment on new developments.

If Twitter was unkind about the Kraft Vegemite/Philly Cheese combo debacle – this is going to be delicious. It will easily rival the cringe-making media headlines like: “Cadbury has stuck ‘two chocolate fingers’ up at a proposed near-$20 billion takeover bid…..”

And so it begins: “Not saying the Kraft-Cadbury merger’s gone ahead but I’ve just had a delicious cheese Crunchie” tweets one and “Fruit and Nut Vegemite” another or multiple re-tweets of “Mmmm. Lovely Cadbury’s Dairy Cheese…”

Only months ago there was disquiet in Twitter about Cadbury messing with family favourite chocolate recipes. In August, Cadbury announced it would stop using palm oil in its chocolate, succumbing to consumer demand. Cadbury came under a barrage of complaints when it declared its new ‘glass and a half’ recipe would include palm oil, which has been accused of contributing to deforestation in third world countries. Twitter twitched big time.

Then, it was the villain. Now that it is under threat of a less than amicable £11.9 billion take-over by the tell-tale yellow plastic lid…it is the underdog.

While the likes of Business Spectator are the quickest on the trigger to report online it will be Twitter that will point the finger, thumb the nose and blow the raspberries from the wings.

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